Prepared Foods Manufacturers

For the prepared foods manufacturers we can provide the highest quality dried herbs, spices and seasonings in a range of sizes from a 160 fl. oz. jug (5 lb. jug) to 50 lb. or 44 kg.. bags or boxes.  All of these items are from the most recent imports and are ground and blended by us to fulfill your order.


Prepared foods are expected to have an extended shelf life.  The best prepared foods taste as good as if they were freshly made.  For those manufacturers who insist on natural flavorings in their products, using the highest quality herb and spice ingredients ensures that the flavor components and essential oils are at their peak.  This helps to ensure a fresh flavor for a longer time period.  A certain amount of aging is expected in processed foods that sit on the shelf for extended periods of time and during that time some of the flavor notes begin to fade.  The best way to fight this is by maximizing flavor in your processing facilities.

We search for the most recent shipments of herbs and spices.  We make our own blends and seasonings on demand.  What this means is that none of our products have been sitting on our shelves for a long time.  We start with the most recent imports and buy only what we need.  We toast, grind and blend to your order so every batch of product we make is at its best.  No matter the size of your central New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania company, Black River Spice & Tea Co. will give you quality ingredients for your products.  We welcome small businesses to contact us!  Some of the manufacturing sectors we supply include those below.