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Jul 14, 2017

We are a USDA Organic Certified Facility

We just received our USDA Organic Certification.  We are now a Certified-Organic handling and processing facility.   Entrepreneurs who are looking for a co-packer and/or co-manufacturer for their “USDA Certified Organic” product can contact us if your food product is a dried herb, spice, herbal, ground seed, ground legume or any blend combination thereof.  Of course, we can also do the same for products that are not going to be marketed as certified organic.  We will soon be showcasing some of our customers’ products as examples of our work.

Listen to Chef Bill Kinslow and Pete Nirchio of Black River Spice & Tea do a white, black and pink pepper tasting.

Chef Bill kinslow from Chef Bill’s Table and Jake’s Restaurant & Bar in Flemington and Pete Nirchio from Black River Spice & Tea Co. did an “on the air” tasting of different kinds of black and white peppercorns..  Listen to their critiques and find out more about why pepper is more than just a hot spice..


Listen to our podcast as we discuss seasonings and the Thanksgiving turkey!

The guys, Chef Bill Kinslow and Pete Nirchio, are talking about seasonings used on Turkey and other poultry. Hear why herbs go so well with poultry.  They also discuss the famous Bell’s Seasoning and interesting trivia about Thanksgiving.  You can hear us live at Hunterdon Chamber Radio on the second Monday of each month (usually…).





Listen to our podcast as we talk about spices used for pickling and mulling!

Listen to our October podcast as Chef Bill Kinslow of Chef Bill’s Table and Pete Nirchio of Black River Spice & Tea discuss the use of spices in pickling and mulling.  Find out the difference between spices used for pickling sweet and those used for pickling tart.  We also talk about mulling beverages like ciders, wines, brandy, beers and ales.




Listen to our podcast as we talk about the use of spices in distilled spirits!

Chef Bill Kinslow and Pete Nirchio are joined by Caine Fowler of Skunktown Distillery in Flemington, NJ.  Listen as they discuss the innovations that this local start-up distillery is making with gin, rum and vodka using ingredients like spices to work their magic!  Learn some secrets in making spirits and find out more about how to find their products!  Let us know what you think of our broadcast.



We Ship Now!!

We will now ship throughout the 48 contiguous states using common carrier.  Minimum order for wholesale is $150.00.  We will find the least expensive shipping method depending on the delivery speed you request.  All orders shipped must go through our on-line shopping site.  We will contact you about the shipping details. To access the site you must create an accountSee our FAQ page for details!

Listen to our Podcast as we talk about barbecuing and grilling with RUBS!

Listen to our July 2017 podcast as we discuss the use of dry and wet rubs for grilling and for barbecuing.  Learn some tricks of the trade and the formula on how to make your own rub,  We discuss cooking techniques, kinds of rubs and more!  You can listen to Chef Bill’s Table on Hunterdon Chamber Radio (HCR)Or you can download the app for your smartphone and listen to HRC any time you want.


Talking about Paprika on Chef Bill’s Table


We’ve posted our podcast for this past Monday (6/12/17) on Chef Bill’s Table.  We discussed the kinds of paprika, dishes that use it and how to cook with it if you want to experiment on your own.  Listen to our podcast series that will be on every second Monday of each moth at 11:00AM EST.  Enjoy the rewind!




Listen to our Podcast about Cinnamon and Cassia on Hunterdon Chamber Radio

Join Pete Nirchio of Black River Spice & Tea Co. and Chef Bill Kinslow, host of “Chef Bill’s Table” as they talk about cinnamon and cassia.  Here about what kinds there are, where best to use each, and how to properly cook and bake using them.  Learn the Do’s and Don’ts.  Join the fun and listen in on our cinnamon tasting.  Learn a few things that will help you to bake and cook more effectively with cinnamon and cassia. Remember to tune in every 2nd Monday of the month to hear us discuss and critique a new herb, spice or seasoning.




LISTEN to the MP3 when Black River Spice & Tea talks BLACK PEPPER on Hunterdon Chamber Radio

Chef Bill Kinslow of “Chef Bill’s Table” interviews Pete Nirchio, co-owner of Black River Spice & Tea Co The topic is black pepper!  Find out where it’s from, how it’s made, what kinds there are, and how to use it strategically when cooking.  Hear how it is used in some signature dishes and how it brings out flavor!  Listen to the podcast here and tune into Hunterdon Chamber Radio in the future to hear more about other spices. We will be talking about herbs and spices once a month!



Like Us On Facebook!

Our Facebook page is running and ready for you to visit.  You can find our FB page hereWe will be announcing which local farmer’s markets we will be attending and when we will be there.  We sell to the general public only at those markets.  If you’re looking for a special herb, spice or tea send us a message and let us know.  If we have it or can get it for market day we will let you know and you can pick it up at the market. If you are a business and would like to see some of our products the farmer’s market is a great place to come see us. See you at the market and don’t forget to “like” us!


Company News

JUST IN on 10/17/19- We received new shipments of the following:

  • Madagascar Bourbon Grade A Vanilla Bean