Country Clubs, Restaurants, Caterers & Food Service Businesses

large_bottlesWhat is an exceptional restaurant or eatery?  The atmosphere, the service, the presentation, the flavor and the mouth feel of the meal.  These are all critical to having a successful foodservice business.  We understand that and we want to help you in two ways.  As always, we look to bring you the most recent shipments of herbs and spices from around the world.  First, we grind and blend on site and to order to make sure that your black pepper, garam masala, Herbes de Provence, cinnamon, regional curry powder, steak rub or bay seasoning is the most fragrant and flavorful they can be when delivered.  Ifoil_bagsf appropriate, we also toast our ingredients.  If you need freshly toasted sesame seeds, coriander, Bezar or Ras el Hanout we can make them for you the day before delivery.  Second, our minimum order size for delivery is quite small so even the smallest foodservice businesses can order from us and not worry about making monthly minimums like the big food suppliers require.

We package in convenient sizes for small to mid-sized food service businesses.  We sell our products in 16 fl. oz., 32 fl. oz., and 5 lb. bottles.  For the business person who enjoys economy and is looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives we offer the same products in 1 lb. or 2 lb. resealable (Quad Seal) foil packaging.  Black River Spice & Tea provides ingredients to many different kinds of foodservices in the Western New Jersey (NJ) and Eastern Pennsylvania (PA) regions.  Here are examples of the kinds of businesses we serve: