Competition is stiff in the West-Central New Jersey (NJ) and Eastern Pennsylvania (PA) regions. Taste is everything in making your baking products stand out among the others.  Fresh ingredients are the key to making your cookies, cupcakes, pies, breads, tarts and cakes burst with flavor.  That is why freshly prepared spices are so important in a recipe.  In fact, the percentage of flavor oils in spices is highest when they are freshly ground.  We understand that and we answer that call by preparing our freshly ground products the day before delivery.  You won’t find bottles of pre-ground spices laying on our shelves waiting to be bought.  We keep our herbs and spices in whole form.  Only when ordered as pre-ground do we grind for the customer.

Some bakers will use common ground cinnamon in their creations and others will only use true “Ceylonese” cinnamon in theirs.  Depending on your needs we can provide you with common cinnamon (cassia), or with true cinnamon (Sri Lankan / Ceylonese Cinnamon).  They are quite different from each other and come from two different species of trees.  In the United States sellers of cinnamon do not have to differentiate between the two but in Europe it is a different story.  Common cinnamon (cassia) from places like China must be labeled as cassia, not as cinnamon.  Try the two to see the difference for yourself.

Black River Spice & Tea has the following whole or ground ingredients for your baking business.