Black River Spice & Tea Company is a “business to business” provider of bulk retail and wholesale foodstuff products. We freshly prepare (grind / blend / toast) and sell herbs, spices, blends, seasonings, meat rubs and ‘rice and salad tosses.  You must create an account first before ordering from us.  If you are not ready to do that then you should call us or inquire at our contact us page.  The following foodservice segments are our customers.

To maintain the freshest available dried ingredients possible we keep our base inventory small and buy our spices as close to post-harvest export as possible.  As a result, we may have particular items only when they are “in season” and when there is substantial market interest for them.  That means if you don’t see a product in our on-line store that does not mean we cannot get it for you.  However, from time to time some of the more unusual and rarer products make require a larger purchase.

Black River Spice & Tea has two herbs and spices product lines.  One line is for herb and spice users (food preparers) and the other for resellers (grocers).

  • “Black River Spice & Tea” – is our line of bulk herb, spice and tea products packaged in convenient sizes for your prepared foods company. Whether you are a restaurant, deli, food truck, pizzeria, bagel shop, take-out or fast food business we can supply you with the herbs, spices or blends that you need.  We sell our herb and spice products in 16 oz., 32 oz. plastic bottles and in 5 lb. plastic jugs with handles.  This line is for businesses that will use the product for food preparations and measure the quantities before use.  That’s why these bottles contain no sifters.  For the business person who enjoys economy and is looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives we offer the same products in 1 lb. or 2 lb. resealable (Quad Seal) packaging.  Our teas are only packaged in our 2 lb. resealable quad seal foil bags.  We can deliver (charges may apply) or you can pick-up your order.

  We can also arrange special order packaging in 5 & 10 gallon pails for industrial use or large scale institutional food preparations.  These products  are sold “near-wholesale” and account holders must first inquire at our Contact Us page about pricing.

  • “Black River Herbs & Spices”- is our own line of 4 oz. glass bottles for the grocery shelf.  These bottles contain sifters for the home kitchen user and are designed to inform the consumer of their use.  Bottles will be labeled with either with the type, country of origin or specific region when there are several varieties of an herb, spice, blend or seasoning available.  Discerning customers interested in buying particular types of spices from specific regions for authentic dishes will find that the “Black River Herbs & Spices” line caters to their needs.

Here are examples of what we mean;

Ceylonese "True" Cinnamon OR Saigon (cassia) Cinnamon
Greek Coriander OR Indian Coriander
Bird's Eye Chiles OR Ancho Chiles
Chipotle Chiles OR Habanero Chiles
Ghost Chiles OR Allepo Chiles
Jalapeno Chiles OR Cayenne Chiles
Amok Curry OR English Curry
Rendang Curry OR Vindaloo Curry
Indian Cardamom OR Guatemalan Cardamom
Jamaican Allspice OR Guatemalan Allspice
Aniseed OR Star Anise
Spanish Pimenton Paprika OR Hungarian Paprika
Dill Weed OR Dill Seed
Malabar Black Pepper OR Telicherry Black Pepper
White Pepper OR Pink Peppercorns
Green Peppercorns OR Lampong Black Pepper
White Sea Salt OR Pink Himalayan Salt
Natural Sesame Seeds OR Black Sesame Seeds