About Us

Black River Spice & Tea Co. sells wholesale spices, herbs & tea.  We are dedicated to serving businesses in the western-central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania areas as a premier supplier of herbs, spices and loose teas.  We are located in Tewksbury, NJ, in beautiful Hunterdon County.  We provide only the highest quality herbs and spices for your business.

Buying Wholesale Spices, Herbs & Tea

Aside from cooking with fresh herbs many food services and food manufacturers pay little attention to the quality of the dried herbs and spices they use.  This is a mistake because there are very real differences in quality in dried herbs and spices on the market. You can be very confident when you buy from us that our dried spices and herbs come from the most recent imported harvests available and we go to lengths to preserve them properly to maintain freshness.

We keep as many of our products in their wholest forms available when possible.  For example, we stock black peppercorn and never ground black pepper. This ensures that the flavor is at its peak when ground.  That’s why the best restaurants often grind their own spices just before adding them.  We grind our spices like black pepper, allspice, mustard and cumin the day before delivery so that they come to you at their freshest.  We grind and blend all of our seasonings before delivery; and some we even pre-toast when the recipe calls for it.   For instance, if you order Tandoori Masala or Madras Curry powder the spices will have been pre-toasted then ground and blended so it’s freshly made to order. If you need toasted sesame seeds or toasted ground cumin, we will toast them to peak perfection the day before delivery.

wholesale herbs, spices & teas in various bottles

Bottle sizes for the food services and for grocers.

Custom Blending

If you have a proprietary spice blend or seasoning and want it made in large quantity for resale, we can do it for you.  There’s no need to do it in house and share your recipe with your employees who might take it elsewhere.  We are happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep your spice mix a closely guarded secret.

Packaging, Private Labeling and Co-manufacturing

Our company can package in;

  • Small paragon bottles (4 fl. oz. and 7 fl. oz.) or gusseted foil bags (1 or 2 lb) for retail;
  • Oblong Bottles (16 and 32 fl. oz.) and Jugs with handles (160 fl. oz.) for food service businesses; and
  • Lined 5 or 6 gallon FG buckets or 10 lb. gusseted foil bags for small scale prepared food manufacturers; and in a number of
  • Stand-up pouches ranging from 1 oz. to 10 lbs. for internal use or for retail.

We can also be your private labeler and package using your own company’s labeling.  For grocers and specialty food shops we can package in a number of container types, sizes and shapes.  We package in plastic jars, round or rectangular tins (with or without a window) and in glass paragon bottles.  You tell us what you want and we will get it done!


You expect no less than superior ingredients when you make your creations and we expect that you will settle for no less than the best.  That is why we take the time to learn about our suppliers, the harvesting seasons and to carefully select the best quality products they have to offer.

We can we offer and stock our spices and blends based on their regional differences.  An oregano from Mexico is not the same as one from the Mediterranean because their flavor profiles are different.  Black River Spice & Tea offers both types and caters to the ethnic cuisine style you are preparing in your business.  We have Turkish Bharat and Tunisian Bharat because they are blended with several different ingredients and are best used in their own regional dishes for an authentic flavor.  We stock no less that three kinds of cinnamon, Saigon, Pandang and Ceylonese. Also, we stock common herbs & spices and many of those that are less well known.  Looking for asafetida or fenugreek leaves; we’ve got them.  Take a look at our products page to see a sampling of what we offer.

We are a USDA Organic Certified Facility

We are a USDA Certified Organic handling and processing facility.   Entrepreneurs who are looking for a co-packer and/or co-manufacturer for their...

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We Ship Now!!

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